The way we work:

We want you to feel part of the process of how we design and create your garden and encourage our clients to make as much of a contribution towards the final scheme as you feel happy to do, even if it’s just letting us know your favourite colours. With our expertise, we will always want to create garden that reflects the interior of the house and flows naturally from indoor to your outdoor space.

Stage 1 - Initial meeting
At the Initial meeting, we introduce ourselves and present examples of our work. We gain an understanding of how you use the garden and how you might like to use it in the future, as well as the types of trees, plants and flowers you might love. We discuss the budget so we can work within a certain price range.

Stage 2 - Site Survey
We produce a quotation for the design stage and once that is approved, we then organize a site survey and take detailed measurements of the site and different ground levels. We conduct a soil analysis and check the north/south position of the garden. We also note large trees in your neighbour's gardens.

Stage 3 - Design Concepts, Scale Plan & Quotation
We then present design concepts using full colour visuals of what the garden might look like as well as the type of planting we would suggest. We then present the scale plan and elevation which shows in detail any terraces, paths and hard landscaping. With this information we produce a quotation including all hard landscaping, material, labour costs, trees and plants, lighting and irrigation necessary.


Stage 4 - Construction
We project manage the hard landscaping stage by selecting a contractor from our own tried and tested skilled team, and we oversee the process from beginning till the project is complete. This stage includes the preparation and erecting of fencing, building of terraces, paths, decking areas. This also includes the preparation of planting beds and new lawns. The quote will include the clearing of rubbish from the site and we pride in leaving the property clean and tidy.

Stage 5 - Planting plan & plants
We the draw up a planting plan, which specifies where each tree and plant is to be placed. We always insist on selecting, supplying and planting your garden with high quality plants, as it is crucial that the trees, shrubs and plants are of the highest quality and the planting stage is done correctly. This means the plants have the best possible chance of establishing well into their new location and giving you much enjoyment for years to come.